SDX Consulting

Location:  USA

Who we are:
My name is Sean Dixon with SDX Consulting. I have personally designed and sold buildings utilizing the software. I know how important the time involved is and how quickly the customer can get anxious. Look no further, SDX is here to help you provide excellent service to your customers and truly make this process more efficient for you, but most importantly your customer.

Here’s how:
The service SDX is providing to you is translating the Custom Engineering notes and updating the BOM and punching for and editing the order to include the correct parts and materials. SDX will also include a detailed explanation of the changes with swift turnaround times.

How much:
The service is billed at $50.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour billed. Any projects that will consume more than 4 hours will be notified and confirmed prior. A rush order service is provided, this is billed at 2x the hourly. You can select that on submission. Rush order jobs are at SDX’s discretion. 

SDX commits to respond within one business day of receiving the request for services. That response will include, estimates of, costs and completion time.

Why SDX?

SDX experience includes 20+ years in CAD software, engineering education, and training, Bachelors in Business, Cyber Security training, and expertise. My professional career has been built around investigating the details and providing in-depth information reports, and that is why I am excited to provide this service to you and your customer!

Value Add:
SDX designs websites as well. If you have been looking to add a website or extension of your website that is specific to Metal Building Sales or are looking to refresh your current site, please let us know.

Request Service

Your building must be stamped by an engineer to request service. ACT Building Systems ONLY.

How to gather the right documents to submit.

Please refer to the document attached to guide you through the required information to request the service. 

Terms and Conditions Signature required for every service.

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